Storage unit rentals are used by a variety of individuals and businesses to store personal belongings, supplies, and other items. Though these units have been a trusted storage solution for decades, many myths and misconceptions about their security, cleanliness, and other elements persist. Due to the abundance of information and opinions available, it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. As leading providers of high-quality storage solutions, the team at LoknStore knows the true value of self-storage units. That is why we have compiled some information for the purposes of debunking 4 common self-storage myths and helping customers make an informed decision.

How does self-storage work?

4 Prevalent Myths About Self-Storage

The following self-storage myths are some of the most widespread:

1. Self-Storage Units are not Secure

While self-storage units used to only be secured via a single lock on the unit door, modern facilities utilize advanced security technology to keep your belongings safe. Features such as personalized keypad access, fobbed entry, and HD security cameras are standard for many facilities, making storage units safer and more secure than ever before. Many facilities are also patrolled by property managers to further enhance security.

2. You Need to Sign a Long Lease

When it comes to storage units, many customers will only need them for a month or two at most. This can make storage a less attractive option as many individuals believe that all facilities require customers to sign a multi-month or year-long lease. Most modern storage providers offer unit rentals on a month-to-month basis with options for discounted yearly rates. This allows users to choose a plan that works best for their current needs.

3. Anything can be Stored in a Storage Unit

Though storage units can hold a variety of items, there are restrictions on what can and cannot be placed in them. Items like perishable food, chemicals, fuel, plants, and various other goods are restricted from all storage units. Be sure to check with the facility manager before storing your items to confirm that you are not violating these restrictions.

4. Storage Units are Dirty and Attract Pests

While this may be the case for some older or cheaper facilities, most current self-storage providers are committed to keeping their facility clean, well-lit, and free of pests. Routine cleaning, disinfecting, and other techniques are performed to ensure that your belongings are stored in a clean location free from rats, termites, and other pests. When choosing a storage facility, be sure to examine their facility to see if they practice good hygiene. If there is noticeable dirt, debris, or mouse droppings in the facility, it is not worth your time or money.

To learn more about our self-storage unit rentals or for assistance determining which unit is best for your needs, get in touch with the team at LoknStore. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.

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