Temperature Controlled Units

Extreme heat or cold can damage your items over time. That is why our storage units are temperature controlled to protect your belongings. By utilizing quality climate control system, we can ensure that you will be storing your items in a unit where there is no temperature fluctuation. This minimizes the risk of temperature or humidity-based damage over time, keeping your items in great condition.

Flexible Solutions for Any Situation

You’re never locked into a contract with our storage units. This allows for total flexibility, ensuring that you can stay as long as you need to without worrying about cancellation fees or giving extended notice. In addition to flexible storage agreements, you can change units at any time if you need to downsize or require additional space. This ensures that you always have the perfect storage solution for your needs.

Personalized Keypad Access

Each of our storage units include a personalized fob to access the gate. In addition to granting access through the security gate, this fob will disable your individual alarm on your unit and re-arm it upon exit, ensuring optimal security for your belongings.

Drive Up Accessibility

We offer several ground-level units that can be directly driven up to. This allows for easy access with less effort for your moving in and out experience. Just drive right up to the door and load or unload without having to go down hallways or up to another level.

Indoor units are also available. Contact our team to inquire about availability!

24 Hour Anytime Access

At LoknStore, we know that everyone has a different schedule. With 24/7 access capabilities, your items are available to you whenever you need them. Whether you’re a business customer or using the unit for your personal belongings, you can always access your unit at a time that is most convenient for you.

In-floor Heating

Each of our storage units have in-floor heating, ensuring that each room is evenly heated while maintaining an even ambient temperature. This creates an ideal storage environment for every type of item, minimizing the risk of damage for wooden items, electronics, photos, and paper documents.