Tips for Storing Seasonal Sporting Gear

May 18, 2023 in Self-Storage Leave a Comment

Storing seasonal sporting gear can be a hassle, especially if you need more space in your home. But with the right tips and tricks, you can ensure your equipment stays organized and protected until the following season. As a leading provider of storage solutions, LoknStore understands the importance of keeping your seasonal sporting gear in top condition. That is why we have compiled a list of 3 tips for storing seasonal sporting gear that will help you keep your equipment safe and sound until it is time to use it again.

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3 Tips for Storing Seasonal Sporting Gear

Here are some helpful tips for storing your seasonal sporting gear.

1. Clean All of Your Equipment

Clean all of your equipment before storing it away. Avoid harsh detergents or bleach on delicate fabrics such as ski jackets or swimsuits; opt for gentle cleaning products designed for outdoor equipment. Use soap and water on hard surfaces and a damp cloth on soft surfaces like leather gloves. Remove any dirt, sweat, or moisture, as they can attract mould and mildew, damaging your items. Additionally, make sure everything is completely dry before packing it up.

2. Invest in Good-Quality Storage Containers

Invest in good-quality storage containers and racks specifically designed for sports equipment. This can range from padded cases for golf clubs to waterproof bags for kayaking gear. Storing your equipment safely will prevent damage and extend its lifespan. These containers should be sturdy enough to protect against moisture and pests and easy to stack and store away when unused.

3. Choose a Cool Space for Storage

Choose a dry and cool space for storage that is out of direct sunlight. Exposure to UV rays can cause discolouration of fabrics and plastics over time, which can impact the performance of the gear next season. Your equipment should be kept somewhere with stable temperatures that do not fluctuate too much throughout the year. Avoid storing your gear in damp basements or humid garages, as this environment can cause rust and damage to metal parts like bikes or skis. Instead, opt for a well-ventilated dry room with limited sunlight exposure.

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