Tips for Effective Packing

Apr 18, 2023 in Packing Leave a Comment

Whether you are packing for a move or packing items in storage units, there is so much you can do to ease up the packing process. That is why the experts at LoknStore have prepared a set of tips for effective packing to guide you through the process.

1. Declutter Before Packing

You might find it ironic that the best packing tip is not to pack something, but it is true. You can fill up a storage unit quickly if you decide to keep everything, but do you really need a great grandma’s shopping bag or 50-year-old school supplies? Keep the memorabilia, but throw out the junk, repurpose it, or recycle it. Reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack through decluttering and proper storage unit organization.

2. How to Pack Clothes

Usually, people rotate the off-season stuff and ship it off to a storage unit until it is time to wear it again. Here are some clothes packing tips:

  • Use compression bags that you can vacuum
  • Pack clothes in stackable and see-through plastic containers
  • Use anti-moth products and cotton sheets while packing

Items stored in plastic bags can get mouldy, so make sure to use anti-acidic packing boxes.

3. How to Pack Books

You need to get a sturdy cardboard crate because books are heavy. Place the books inside, and fill the rest of the free space with packing paper so as not to damage the precious tomes. Use a lot of packing tape to secure the box from all sides. If you want to move a portion of your home library to storage, it is important to choose a climate-controlled unit like the ones we offer at LoknStore.

4. How to Pack Kitchen Items

Kitchen items vary in size and shape, and it is often a hassle to pack them up properly. But having too much free space in packed boxes can cause a favourite piece of china to get chipped. You should make sure to secure the packing boxes with tape and additional cardboard. You can use bubble wrap and packing paper between individual items and on the sides. Last but not least, pay attention to where in the storage unit you will place the kitchen boxes. Make sure to always label them as fragile if they contain fine china.

5. How to Pack and Store Documents

First, you need to organize your documents and put them in plastic sleeves or containers. You can also line the containers with acid-free tissue paper because moisture can cause the ink to transfer or get smudged. Make sure you store the containers somewhere in the storage unit where the documents will be easily accessible.

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