Self-Storage Tips for Appliances

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Self-storage units are a great solution for storing household items like furniture, collectibles, and appliances. While many different items can be safely kept in a storage unit, it is important to ensure that each item is properly prepared and packaged to minimize the risk of damage over time. As a leading provider of quality storage unit rentals, the team at LoknStore knows how important preparation is when storing appliances whether you are storing them for a few weeks or a few years. That is why we have compiled some self-storage tips for appliances to ensure that your appliances stay in the same condition you stored them in.

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Preparing Your Appliances for Storage

To prepare your appliances for storage, be sure to perform the following steps:

1. Run a Final Cycle

If you will be storing a washing machine or dishwasher, be sure to run a final cleaning cycle first. To ensure that each unit is thoroughly cleaned, use suitable cleaning products and run them without any clothes or dishes inside.

2. Clean the Interior

For other appliances—ovens, dryers, etc.—take the time to scrub off any dirt or residue inside the unit. This is especially important for ovens and refrigerators, as food waste can attract pests to your storage unit.

3. Completely Drain All Liquids

After cleaning your appliances, drain any liquids from each unit and let them stand with their doors open until they are dry. After letting each appliance stand, use a towel to remove any residual moisture. This will drastically reduce the risk of mold or mildew formation during storage.

4. Clean the Exterior

Once the interior of every unit has been sufficiently cleaned and dried, direct your attention to the exterior. Use a suitable cleaning product and wipe to clean the surface of each unit. This will ensure that all units are free of dust and dirt before storage.

How to Safely Store Your Appliances

Once your appliances are sufficiently cleaned and prepped for storage, you will need to perform the following steps to safely place them in your unit:

1. Secure Doors and Moving Parts with Tape

Doors and other components for appliances may open or shift during transportation or when placing them in your storage unit. Take the time to secure these components with non-marking tape before transporting them to minimize the risk of damage.

2. Keep Appliances Upright

To minimize the risk of damage to internal components, it is crucial to keep all appliances upright during transportation and storage. Utilize straps and clamps to secure appliances during transportation and avoid stacking them in your storage unit.

3. Use Cushioned Covers and Packaging

To further reduce the risk of damage to your appliances, cover each unit with a cushioned blanket or bubble wrap before placing them in your unit.

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