4 Steps to Clean Your Storage Unit Out

Apr 29, 2022 in Self-Storage Leave a Comment

When it comes to storage unit rentals, the idea of cleaning out a unit that you have not visited in a few years can be intimidating and unpleasant. While cleaning a storage unit out is undoubtedly a daunting task, it does not need to be difficult. That is why the experts at LoknStore have compiled a list of 4 steps to clean your storage unit out as quickly and effectively as possible.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Clean Your Storage Unit Out

To ensure that the clean-out process is as smooth and efficient as possible, be sure to complete the following steps:

1. Take Inventory of the Contents

Start by opening boxes and taking items out of them to see what you are working with. Keep a pen and paper on hand and jot down some of the large items you can see immediately. Count the number of boxes and write down how many you will need to sort through to estimate how much time the clean-out will take. Next, open as many boxes as you can and take a quick inventory of the contents.

2. Develop a Plan

Once you have an idea of everything in your unit, you can create a plan outlining what to do with each item. It is recommended to make a list of items that you want to keep, items you are giving away or donating, items you will sell, and items that can be thrown away or recycled. These lists will make the unloading process far more efficient as you will not need to make any snap decisions while cleaning out the unit.

3. Unload the Unit and Load Your Vehicle

Load everything that you are keeping or selling into your truck or van. Make sure you have a plan for every item that you take back home, as this will help to ensure that nothing will end up sitting around gathering dust and occupying valuable space. If you have items to sell, start photographing and listing them right away as putting this task off drastically decreases the chances of you getting rid of them.

4. Clean the Empty Unit

With everything removed, it is time to sweep the entire unit out with a broom. It is important to remove everything from the unit as you may be charged a hefty cleaning fee by the storage facility if you do not. As a good rule of thumb, the unit should be left in the same condition that you found it. Once you are done cleaning, remove your lock and notify the manager that you have vacated the unit when you leave.

To learn more about cleaning out a storage unit or to inquire about our storage unit rentals, get in touch with the team at LoknStore. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our units or facility.