4 Items That Benefit from Climate-Controlled Storage

Feb 14, 2023 in Self-Storage Leave a Comment

If you are considering renting a storage unit for your personal items or business products, it is crucial to ensure that you are selecting a unit with the right features. While many people believe that every storage facility is the same, the reality is that some facilities offer valuable features that others do not. For example, some storage facilities offer climate-controlled storage unit rentals to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in each unit throughout the year. As a leading provider of personal and commercial storage solutions, the team at LoknStore knows how beneficial climate control is for various items. That is why we have compiled a list of 4 items that benefit from climate-controlled storage to demonstrate why you should choose a unit with this feature.

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4 Types of Items That Require Climate-Controlled Storage

The following types of items can suffer significant damage over time if they are not stored in a climate-controlled space:

1. Furniture

Wooden, leather, and fabric-based furniture can be damaged by excessive humidity changes and temperature fluctuations over time. For example, wooden chairs can slightly swell during humid periods of the year and shrink during dry periods, causing cracks and other damage that will require repairs. Fabric on furniture can also accumulate mold or become discoloured when exposed to changes in temperature or humidity, making climate control a necessary feature for every piece of furniture.

2. Clothing

Clothing can become damaged during storage due to mold, mildew, and insects. Each of these issues are more common in standard storage units as they are not equipped to maintain a consistent temperature or humidity level. These forms of damage could cause you to throw away hundreds (or thousands) of dollars of clothing, so it is strongly recommended to invest in a climate-controlled unit to minimize the risk of damage over time.

3. Electronics

The connection points in electronics can corrode or become otherwise damaged when exposed to temperatures lower than 10°C or higher than 24°C for extended periods. High humidity levels can also cause buttons on keyboards, controllers, and other devices to stop working, making climate control vital for small and large electronics alike.

4. Paper Documents

Important documents, collectible cards, photographs, and other paper-based items can become discoloured, damp, wrinkled, or faded when exposed to excessive humidity or high temperatures. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure that these items maintain their shape and colour for years to come, allowing you to store them with total peace of mind.

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